$2k Reached! Halfway there!

OMG I AM SO EXCITED!! Over the halfway mark already!! This is so amazing! Dexter and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts 🙂 😀

This is so encouraging! I am starting to feel just a little bit optimistic that I can get this surgery done before he has another unhappy episode! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has donated and shared – it is working!! keep sharing!! I am going to see if some places around here will let me hang up a flyer that is ready to go already, just to spread the word the old fashioned way.

My cat Squall is doing well according to the vet – of course I’m frustrated that he had an issue NOW, when otherwise I’d be able to save all of my income for Dexter – but thanks to all of you and your kindness, things are starting to look up!! Before long, I will be able to schedule the preliminary blood work, etc. that needs to be done within a month of Dexter’s surgery. Once again, thank you!!

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