Squall comes home and the money sure is tight

Quick update – Squall is allowed to come home today, and has a hefty bill attached 🙁 I will be paying almost $800 each time out of my next two paychecks since they kindly let me split the payment. But that means the rest of the money I was hoping to pledge to Dexter is gone before it gets here, and frankly my bills and expenses will be about all I can afford until this time next month (at least maybe my birthday on Sept 14 will be better?) So please please share SaveDexter.com and pledge even $5 toward his recovery if you can. Dexter is doing well today – he had stool softeners last night that made him dehydrated and he even drank so much he threw up! – so hopefully I don’t have to give him any of that for a while, and clearly I would reduce the dosage even more if I do. But I think he will be stable for a few days, hopefully more than a week. I really want to schedule his blood work and preliminary cardio checkup to clear him for surgery! I know you have all helped me so much already, but I have no choice right now but to ask for more…
Is it better when the vet tells you, “Most pet owners don’t have to go through what you’ve been through – you sure have had some bad luck!” I’m not really sure, I don’t feel much better. But I am keeping positive that my awesome network of friends will help me get through this time! Thank you once again!

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