Updated Goal and $3k reached!

The good news is that LFAH has hung up a flyer for SaveDexter.com and will be sharing on their facebook page! Yay! The bad news is that the final estimate for Dexter (including the neuter procedure and the blood work) has required me to raise the goal by $800. 🙁 I’m trying not to be discouraged, but honestly, if this issue with Squall had not just happened, I could have totally absorbed that $800 cost. Instead, I am paying back about $1800 over the next month just for Squall and it will be so challenging I may end up paying a few bills late in order to make it… (I should also note that the prescription diet Squall requires and the canned food that generally agrees with Dexter are not as cheap as they could be, despite my efforts to shop around when things are on sale.) The range for Dexter is $3,753-$4,792 and there’s no way for them to know where he’ll come in until the surgery happens.
If for some reason it’s lower rather than higher I will be able to use any remaining donation money toward paying off Squall’s procedure. Right now, it looks like I will be able to get Dexter’s surgery before I am caught up from that! This is good, because there’s still no guarantee how long Dexter will be ‘okay’. Every day that he has to try and go to the bathroom without this surgery is another risk of further injuring his herniated muscles (since he has to strain to go – even when it’s very soft, he still has to strain past the kinked up rectum area). I can visibly see his distorted rear end when he is trying to go 🙁
I’m trying not to be discouraged, though, since we just crossed the $3k mark! This is awesome!! I have gotten a few different messages with donations about other people having long haired miniature dachshunds (or just dachshunds in general!) and so I KNOW that your sharing HELPS!! Thank you again!!

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