Just about $1k left to the goal!

Hey everyone! This will be a short post but I wanted to thank everyone who has donated and shared since yesterday. The number of ‘stranger donations’ has been sky high today! I don’t even know who to thank for some of these referrals because I honestly don’t know which friend of mine they know. Additionally, a very special thanks to the group on Facebook who has helped me so much already, Sassypants Foundation for Canine Philanthropy. Talk about some kindhearted people. Today has definitely restored my hope that this CAN and WILL happen. I should be speaking with the vet tomorrow to confirm what needs to happen post-surgery (such as boarding Dexter in a hospital and for how long), so I am fully prepared – then… I will hopefully schedule a date! I don’t know which days are available to have the surgeon travel to LFAH, but I should find out soon. Thank you all once again! I still need just about $1k and I know we can do it! There are those good hearted people out there still not yet reached. Plus, I know payday is coming for many (including myself, though I’ll be paying off the cat’s procedure, of course) and some of you have told me you’ll be donating then. If you can, awesome! If it doesn’t work out, I understand how life can be and don’t feel bad – please just keep sharing. We can do this!

"No, Mom, don't go to work!" How he looks at me every morning, when he's feeling good.
“No, Mom, don’t go to work!” How he looks at me every morning, when he’s feeling good.

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