Please keep sharing for the last $700!

I really wish I could contribute more of my own money into this because then Dexter would be set. I could manage the rest on my own if I hadn’t had the emergency with Squall!! It is beyond frustrating. Squall is doing well, however, so I can certainly say the procedure was worth it! Dexter had an okay last few days. I have figured out an approximate dosage of flavorless stool softener that helps him go when he’s been struggling. However, I can tell that when he pushes, even for the soft stool, he has to use his whole body and that means his muscles are seriously not doing their job. Every day that he is in this situation is a risk for even more damage to them. But, he was in good spirits the last few days and ate his food without complaint, probably because the stool softeners have let him go a little more than usual and so he just feels better.
Anyway, I really really need everyone’s help to reach the last part of the goal. I checked in with the vet yesterday and have to talk to the surgeon to confirm everything before we can set a date. Hopefully, I can get that conversation done with today. My mom bought a plane ticket to come out here in about 1.5 weeks and with any luck Dexter will have surgery either right before or right after she gets here and then she can help me with some of his post-op recovery (such as cleaning drains or other stuff). I’m really nervous I won’t make the goal by the end of next week, which is my current dream! Thank you all and please please continue to share. You never know who checks Facebook or other social media at what time and so every time you share, there’s a good chance someone new is seeing it!

Getting healing laser treatment. I hope to be able to afford this again after his surgery!
Getting healing laser treatment. I hope to be able to afford this again after his surgery!

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  1. Jaime – Would you please contact me by PM on FB – we’d like to help more, but I need to talk to you. Thx!!! We are all praying for you and Dexter! Sue Ziesel McGrory

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