Surgery update (dates, etc)

Hello Dexter fans! I am working on getting him into surgery ASAP. Because the plan is have the Alpenglow surgeon travel to LFAH for a “mobile” surgery unfortunately the soonest they could line up the calendars was not until Sept 2nd. 🙁 However, since that seems rather far away, I have spent a lot of time today investigating other options that could be out there. Since LFAH is giving me a discount on the procedure, I am not sure that any other facility would be willing to a) offer a reasonable solution or b) have the ability to do the procedure sooner, or not. (When I say reasonable solution, I mean that I have $5k now to spend right away and if the surgery was a little more than that, if they would allow me to schedule payment(s) to cover the rest.) If I had more money then I could go directly to Alpenglow and have it done sooner but since Squall’s emergency just ate up my next 2 paychecks I am pretty broke. Anyway, I have some awesome allies that are helping me do this research! Thank you, you know who you are! If nothing else works out sooner then he is scheduled for surgery on Sept 2nd.

Dexter will require after-care for a long while, of course, and I will be applying any extra donations (and my own funds) to get him laser therapy treatments afterwards, as well as any dietary adjustments that need to be done to keep his system happy. The money will all go to Dexter no matter what the surgery final cost is! Thank you again!

A young Dexter enjoying the sun with his feline 'brother' Squall (ca. 2009?)
A young Dexter enjoying the sun with his feline ‘brother’ Squall (ca. 2009?)

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