Surgery day pt2

DEXTER DID GREAT!! He is just coming out of anesthesia. I will make a more detailed post about the procedure in a few hours (because I’m still at work!) However, I just had a great talk with Dr. Eshelman (the surgeon from Alpenglow who did the procedure). But there are still some questions about exactly how he is recovering for the next 24hrs due to the paralyzing effect of the epidural that he received. For example, we have to see if he can urinate on his own later tonight, but if he can’t then they will use a urinary catheter to alleviate the problem. The good news is that the abdominal procedure and repairing of the herniated muscle on his right side seemed to do so much for him that the rectal exams seemed to indicate his left side didn’t actually need the same kind of surgery! So he had less surgery than they were originally thinking, but of course there’s still some risk; until he recovers from the medicine they don’t know if his sciatic¬†nerve may have been affected which would give him functional problems in his foot. “It’s very rare, but it is possible,” as the doctor said. In any case, I will have one more update from Dr Collins (at LFAH who can give me more details and information on cost, etc), and I’ll do my best to write the specific muscle names and such so that way the information is shared. Thank you everyone!! I will keep updating at each step of the way! I love you all!

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