Updates on his first night home…

I fell asleep and it’s now the morning so will be continued in the next post.

[I will keep updating this blog post throughout the night as long as I stay awake! Lol!]

1am: He’s sleeping deeply for the last few minutes and we’re hoping it lasts!

12:30am: Gave him a little walk and he managed to pee more. He’s starting to settle in his crate and we’re hoping and praying that the sedative and pain killers are helping. We’ll be figuring out how to watch him all night – guessing we’ll take some naps in shifts, at the most.

12am: He’s been having some pain issues for the last 45 min. Gave more tramadol (the patch is still on, but could be starting to wear off, since every dog is different). Looked like he was trying to scratch at his incision (the cone can’t help his back feet) so we have tried putting a shirt on him. My smallest shirt is still too big, so a onesie will have to be found. He’s also had 10mg of a sedative that was authorized by the vet I spoke to when I called Alpenglow about 45 minutes ago.

9:45pm: He peed! Outside! Yay! The night will still be a challenge if he seems uncomfortable, but he peed! A stream! Yay! He didn’t really have control over it, but he did go a large enough amount that it helps my concerns a little.

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