Saturday Morning Has Arrived

[12pm Update] The vet appointment went really great! Dexter’s incision/underbelly area is red due to bruising and a bit of irritation from the urine he’s gotten on himself – but no infection! I have a few challenges ahead – he hasn’t wanted to drink enough water, so there’s a few tricks to try there; his urinary function is still not quite normal and there’s probably a ways to go, including him re-learning his body’s signals, since his bladder was literally moved and tacked into place; he didn’t want to eat today, which is pretty normal for him, but makes it a little challenging to space out the antibiotics and other medicines throughout the day. Good things though: His butt area where he had the major surgery is healing up well so far, and is not nearly as sore as could be expected – his “pain levels” were really really good all around. The fentanyl patch was removed without any damage to his skin, showing his healthiness in another way. And!! The best news of all!! I received another generous donation this morning, and paid off my balance in full!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

I’m a little excited if you can’t already tell!! But I have a few errands to run now to get more creams and such for his majesty šŸ™‚ I also got a bunch of pictures from the super awesome vet tech and will be updating the blog with those at some point later today!

– – – –

It’s 8:30 am right now and in 2 hours we’ll be at LFAH talking with Dr. Collins. I’m optimistic about Dexter, especially after last night; mom and I both ‘camped out’ downstairs, she put a little shirt on Dexter plus his cone, and shut him in the crate, and prepared to watch over as I slept.. He was out like a light! No sedatives (so no loopy/dysphoric doggy) just painkillers. He was sooo good all night. He did manage to get out of the shirt AGAIN, which scares me cause I don’t want him to scratch at his underbelly incision – it’s so big! – but so far, so good, and every day he heals more.

He did go back to his usual “I’ll eat when I want to” attitude, which makes it difficult to regularly administer the antibiotics so I’ll ask the doc about that. Additionally, he’s been getting a lot of the Lactulose stool softener, but it still seemed a little firm when coming out, and he usually just kind of has a small accidental amount while he’s laying around, not so much going outside on purpose – perhaps because he didn’t even *try* to go when on the sedative, and it got a bit compacted, but I’m sure we’ll be talking about that, too. And I think his fentanyl patch has worn off, so that will be removed (it’s glued on and I didn’t see a reason for my amateur efforts to remove it when the appointment is so soon).

Updates on this post will go at the top, with a timestamp. Right now Dexter is sleeping in his crate. I wish he’d eat his breakfast, but he didn’t want it yet.

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