Sunday night update

Dexter’s pain levels have seemed really great on the new approach (no tramadol and using vetprofen) but since I only had a small amount of Bethanechol (for his bladder to help it contract and go more easily) I’m not sure if his current unhappiness is due to the pain when he tries to pee or there is a functional difficulty – it seemed a lot easier when he was on the fentanyl patch, but was also getting bethanechol 3x a day as opposed to 2. In any case, he has been tossing and turning way too much today. Plus, his underbelly has a red spot that’s from urine leaking out of his body and basically giving him a patch of diaper rash πŸ™ It was getting better yesterday and today seems rather red again. So I’m not sure why he’s not going enough, but then some is leaking out maybe due to the medication or maybe due to him “re-learning” the signals.

In any case, I’ll be trying to refill/extend the days he is on bethanechol starting tomorrow. Alpenglow is open during Labor Day and they are the ones who called in the prescription before. The only pharmacy in the area I could find was a King Soopers which is open 24 hrs so hopefully the pharmacy department is open… Until then, trying to give him some relief with some late-night walks and some topical ointment on the red spot. πŸ™

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