Wednesday – 1 Week Later

I haven’t updated due to my own sudden onset of sore throat sickness draining my energy, but Dexter has been doing well! Today marks 1 week since his surgery, and we had a 2nd progress exam at LFAH. There are so many various things, I think I’ll just make a list this time to hit on each point:

  • His incisions and sutures are healing well. The bruising is all gone. Only one spot near the neuter site will need some topical treatment (neosporin is all)
  • His pain levels have been pretty good. Without tramadol, so he has actually been eating, too! We got the OK to continue his treatment with 1 vetprofen a day (any more is ineffective as it’s a 24 hr dosage already)
  • His appetite and energy levels are great. Adding some unflavored Pedialyte to his food to help supplement his liquids intake, as well.
  • His bladder and urinary function is recovering but still not ‘normal’ – this makes a lot of sense given they have moved the bladder in such a way that it no longer contracts quite as ‘freely’, as one side is now attached to his abdominal wall. But he no longer has to take bethanechol and so he hasn’t had as much urinary leakage – this also means no more irritation on his underbelly.

Overall, it’s going great!! So far, Dr Collins thinks he is healing enough on his own that we haven’t yet done any laser therapy or other options. I have an appointment with Dr Eshelman on Monday 9/14 to hopefully get his sutures out!! Yay!! That is my birthday too – it will be a great present. 🙂

Dexter was enjoying the grass on his belly! He didn't want to go inside!
Dexter was enjoying the grass on his belly! He didn’t want to go inside!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday – 1 Week Later

  1. YAY!!! Try giving him some cranberry (capsule or gel) to help with the bladder infection and keep him (probably) from getting any more. It should not interfere with any of his medicines or anything else.

    1. Thank you! I might do that. It’s not an infection of his bladder as far as we know but an issue with functionality (and re-learning how to go on his own) due to the cystopexy which moved it and attached it to the side of his abdomen. The bethanechol was to help it contract, but it also opened the sphincter which is why he was dribbling on himself. Poor guy! I’m glad cranberry is safe for dogs – I was just wondering that!

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