Dexter and the mysterious peeing problem

Fun title, right? :\ Well, it’s been a few days since my last update, but there’s not much change to report, unfortunately. Dexter is definitely having pain when he urinates – sometimes he yelps, not necessarily every time, but every time he struggles to stop urinating once he’s started. I heard from Alpenglow today, and there is NO sign of infection – which is unfortunate, because an antibiotic would have been an easy solution. Since Dr. Eshelman is traveling for the next week, the doctor who is temporarily assigned my case (Dr. Pauls, or something to that effect – this was an update over the phone) is going to be emailing him for advice on proceeding. I didn’t get any information about the problem to explain what it is, why it’s happening, or what can be done, but I am supposed to hear back again tomorrow.

It sucks, because the pooping problem is not sorted out yet, either. His body and the lactulose (stool softener) do not go together according to plan, as usual – the stool just refuses to reach that liquidy state that Dr Eshelman would like, to give the rectum and that whole area its best chance to regain normal function. I’m authorized to up his dosage one more time, but it’s ridiculous – normally diarrhea isn’t a good thing, but when you DO want it… Sigh. I should add that his diet has also included a hefty dose of unflavored Pedialyte added to his food at every meal to increase his liquid intake, and it hasn’t helped so far.

Anyway, the next checkup at Louisville Family is on 9/21 (monday) and I’ll be seeing Dr Eshelman at Alpenglow on the next monday, 9/28. These visits together are already > $100 and any medications or other tests will be additional costs. I’m quickly getting back to the point where all of my spending money is going to my pet bills… And with winter fast approaching here in Colorado, I have got to put some dollars into winterizing my 12-year-old car.

Sorry I don’t have any new pictures for this post. It has been a stressful week. I’ll try and take some over the next few days. Thanks for your support.

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