Slow but steady progress

Hi Dexter fans! We had a checkup with Dr Collins yesterday. The verdict can be summarized, “He’s not quite as healed as we’d like, but he’s doing well and we think he will keep getting better.” The exact words used were “He hasn’t peaked yet.” So that’s good! There’s also currently no herniation to the right side muscles like I was worried about. The urinary problem is hopefully going to keep improving, as he re-learns the feelings from his bladder. And more importantly, his rectum issue is looking better than a few weeks ago, even if it’s not as “snapped back” as we’d like yet. I got some more instruction on how to squeeze/massage his rear end in order to make sure the area is fully vacated, allowing it to heal more, we hope. Basically, Dexter gets 3 walks with me and 1 with a dog walker (on weekdays, at least), and when I walk him I am going to make sure he’s cleared out as much as we can. This is only possible because of surgery – he was WAY too painful back there before, and if you even tried to touch it, he would cry and shiver. So the fact he lets me touch him at ALL, let alone squeeze the area, is crazy! It’s not pleasant to be sure, but to me, he looks to be improving a little faster now that I have started helping him out in this way. Besides, he is a good little patient. Here are a couple pics from his bath last night. He was so squirmy it was impossible to get any better ones than this!!

dexter bath 1 dexter bath 2

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