Quick post-cardiologist update

I wanted to do a quick check in about the cardiologist’s findings, since I mentioned it in yesterday’s post. We went this morning for the exam. At first, listening to his heart, the doc was concerned and I signed an estimate that would have included both an x-ray and an ECG (side note: People kept saying ‘eKg’ so that’s what I was saying too but it was definitely an eCg that they did. Anyway.) We waited for a bit and I warned them about Dexter’s “stinky butt anxiety” where when he’s nervous he’s much more likely to let a little go. Actually, he did MUCH better with that than any visit before! Very little came out – just used a tissue on his bum twice – and he only stank up the room about three times! For Dexter, this is awesome (and for my nose, too).

When the doc took him back to do the ECG, they discovered that his left and right valves both have “very minor” leaks – this is probably why it sounded like a “Grade 4” (scale of 1-6). After seeing it, she decided the x-ray was unnecessary for the time being! Long story short, nothing new is really on the horizon for Dex – at his next normal vet checkup, I’ll get his blood pressure tested, and if it’s high, we can talk about medicating that since it would be tough on his leaky valves. However, from what I was told, it sounds like many dogs who have this issue often don’t get any worse; since Dexter was first presenting with this a year ago, and it’s still in a small/minor stage, I’m cautiously hopeful it will stay the same. Obviously, if anything gets worse in the short term, I’ll bring him in for more tests! But if not, he’ll be getting yearly ultrasounds to monitor the leaks, and then if anything worsens we’ll treat it, and if not, after a few years, they’ll be less worried with treatment if it’s stayed the same all that time.

I took a couple pics of Dexter while we waited, nothing elaborate. But he was very very VERY glad that no one stuck him with anything and they didn’t even take his temperature! No one touched his butt! I’m sure he was rejoicing on the way home as he didn’t whine once during the 20+ minute drive in his carrier.

Final note – Squall seemed to be in pain when we got up this morning but since giving him the Gabapentin, he’s sleeping cozily next to me as I type this. Here’s hoping that the 7 days of 2x a day, then 7 days of 1x a day, gets him through this ‘flare up’ and back to normal. Otherwise, Gabapentin is safe to be on long-term, and the liquid form can be concentrated, but it was $60 for the amount I got so far, ouch! Since he already eats special food that runs about $74 for 24 days! Oh, my little furbabies.

At the cardiologist's. "Mom, pleeeeaaase can we go now?"
At the cardiologist’s. “Mom, pleeeeaaase can we go now?”
At the cardiologist's. "Mom, I can SEE OUR CAR."
At the cardiologist’s. “Mom, I can SEE OUR CAR.”

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