UPDATE: New goal from updated vet visit

So, you may have noticed I REDUCED my goal to $4000! This is because I finally met with Dr. Collins again and he confirmed that they could provide me a discount compared to Alpenglow. The surgeon will come to their office and perform the procedure. So basically, Louisville Family Animal Hospital is the best vet I have ever been to in the 4 states I’ve lived in by FAAAR.
The bad news is that today I had an emergency with my cat, Squall. He has a urinary tract obstruction and, once again being awesome, LFAH will let me split the bill into a couple of payments, as he needs to be hospitalized, unblocked, monitored, on fluids, etc. for as long as possibly Saturday morning. This is HEARTWRENCHING for me as I now will be totally tapped out with contributing my own extra income to Dexter’s surgery. What kind of timing is this?!?! On the other hand, I’m just relieved beyond measure that I was provided that option today, and did not have to say goodbye to Squall just yet.
Thanks again to everyone for donating, please please keep sharing and if you come across $5 laying around, well… Ugh I hate asking for help! It’s so hard. Thanks again. Here is a picture of Dexter and Squall

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